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Veterinary Surgery in Broomall, Pennsylvania

At Broomall Animal Hospital we have the skills and experience to keep your pets healthy so they can live long and happy lives. Based in Broomall, Pennsylvania, our animal hospital provides veterinary surgery for pets of every age.

Surgery and Post-Surgery Care

We offer the most advanced surgical techniques and technology. All patients are carefully screened before every procedure, and anesthetics are specifically tailored to your pet. Our fully trained veterinarians and technical staff ensures any surgery is as safe and effective as possible.

We use advanced sterilization techniques and the latest blood pressure and oxygen saturation monitors to keep your pet safe. Depending on the type of surgery, we provide intensive after-surgery care and full blood testing. If necessary, we can refer your pet to several local board certified surgeons.
Post Surgery - Pet Care in Broomall, PA

Radiology Services

Radiology, or X rays, help our veterinarians evaluate musculoskeletal, cardiovascular (cardiopulmonary), gastrointestinal, reproductive, and urinary systems. We use state-of-the-art machines to quickly give us an accurate depiction of your pet's health so we can diagnose the source of any problems.

Hospice/Euthanasia Services

Saying goodbye to a long-time friend is painful. We work with clients to ensure their pet's comfort and dignity. Services include taking care of the remains as directed by the client.
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